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As I'm writing this the US is reportedly going to bomb Syria. I'm not going to get into how this could all lead to WW3, but from all I've read, it seems like a real possibility.

Remember there are computer algorithms mapping and accurately predicting human behavior in unprecedented ways. We are in a new era of information warfare.

The bad guys have figured out how to divide and confuse us. Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg seems a little freaked out.

Want to disrupt the entire world? Quick video clips of children under chemical attack will do it. Played incessantly on every channel with warnings that it is difficult to watch.

And it sure will cut into the Stormy Daniels coverage.

If this were a movie it would seem plagiarized.

President under siege. Special prosecutor. Russian spies. Sex scandal. Wag the dog with some justified military action. I mean, are you sure this isn't too formulaic?

You know you're living in Strange Times when the plot of the fictional political drama, HOMELAND, seems more plausible than what's on the actual news! And less risky!

And if you tuned it out last year I don't blame you. Homeland sucked. The writers were blindsided. They expected a female president. The show stumbled around not sure of its purpose.

Then again, if you're inclined to think of the Russia investigation as a witch hunt, you should probably skip Homeland season 7, as it might make you uncomfortable.

That's what we've come to, even fiction has to pick a side. And it's usually Liberal, but not always.

Roseanne is a huge hit! She plays a Trump voter on the show, and is one in real life too.

I saw a split screen meme with Roseanne grabbing her crotch after butchering the national anthem next to Colin Kaepernick taking a knee. Which one was more disrespectful? The rich white trash actress or the African American athlete?

My only point here is that I'd prefer the drama we are actually living were fictional. The fiction seems less hateful. At least it's obvious who's good and who is evil.

Yes I miss boring news. It gives us more time for each other, our families and friends.

Bob Rivers.

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If you know me well you know I've been a big fan of 2 bloggers. Bob Lefsetz, who writes about the music industry, and Seth Godin, who writes inspirational observations. They are both incredibly smart, honest and fascinating.

Tensions Rise in Syria as Israel Is Accused of Bombing Air Base


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