Vermont Maple Syrup

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Maple Syrup made in small batches the old fashioned way in Weathersfield Vermont.

Half Gallon quantity, in 2 x 1qt. containers.

Targeted Ship Date is April 1, 2024

FREE SHIPPING to US and Canada

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Dear Sweet Person,

Thanks for helping support my crazy hobby by purchasing Bob and Lisa's 100% Vermont Maple Syrup.

I’m grateful for your help and hope to keep making this old fashioned syrup every year... it’s a labor of love, and a nice break from our nutty mixed up media world.

Important Product Notes:

  1. APPROXIMATE Ship date of April 1st ( +/- 7 days)
  2. Shipped USPS Priority in (2) 1 Quart containers.
    "Split it with a friend, or buy several as gifts! That’s me, doing a commercial. Old habits"
  3. Your name and shipping address as deliverable by US Postal Service.
  4. Please be a little patient. I’ll confirm when shipped. Allow at least a week for packing as I only make 5 or 6 gallons a night.
    "Yes I’m doing this all by hand because it’s fun!"

Quick Tour the Maple Syrup operation

Harvesting the Maple Sap.. Out in the 'Sugar Bush'

Processing the Sap into Maple Syrup in the 'Sugar Shack'

Additional information


Full Gallon (2x .5 Gal.), Half Gallon (2x 1 Qt.)

31 reviews for Vermont Maple Syrup

  1. Anthony Galvez

    I received a bottle of this amazing delicious syrup and let me tell you that I will not go back to purchasing any other syrup. The entire family loves it. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Glen Muse (verified owner)

    By far, the best maple syrup I have ever tasted. I wish I had pulled the trigger earlier and bought more to stash away.
    This is absolutely delicious, amazing fantastic syrup.

  3. Wendy Proud (verified owner)

    Delicious maple syrup. So much better for you than processed white cane sugar. I hope my supply lasts until next year.

  4. Debbie Krogen (verified owner)

    I’m tree hugger from Seattle, and I didn’t know that it could pour out of a tree like that! Thank you for doing this Bob, and sharing the process. I’ve just made pancakes for some friends, who’ve had the “good stuff” from the east coast, and they agree that yours is beyond excellent. Dip your bacon! Kudos!

  5. Bill (verified owner)

    This stuff is the bomb. I put it in my home made pork sausage. People say it’s the best there is.

  6. Grace Young

    Best I have ever had. Delicious….

  7. Greg Varnadore

    My wife Stephanie and I love your maple syrup we have on many things pancakes yogurt ice cream and maybe by itself on a spoon. We order 1 gallon that last us through the year and look forward for the email reminder from Bob. I really miss hearing you on the radio with Spike and Joe in Seattle.

  8. Francoise (verified owner)

    I am so excited to have ordered my syrup (although now I don’t think I ordered enough so I am going to order more). Bob and Lisa’s syrup is so good, as I was running low, I was serving my husband store bought syrup and keeping this one for myself.

  9. Pete (verified owner)

    Just placed my order for 3 gallons. I think this will finally get us through the whole year. (Last year we ordered 2 gallons and it’s all gone.) What else can I say other than this if wonderful syrup and it goes on (and in) everything.

  10. Joe Karr (verified owner)

    Syrup is delish – now I just need to figure out how to either hide it from my kids, or prevent them from dumping half a cup on their pancakes!

  11. William Moore (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. I make my own sausage and put your syrup in it for the best sausage there is. My brother thought that my sausage was the best before I started putting your syrup in it and now he says it is even better

  12. Leland W Bender (verified owner)

    Good stuff, Maynard!!

  13. Charles Dustin Robins (verified owner)

    I just got my 2 half gallon jugs in today. I was so surprised when I opened the first jug up to taste some of the most amazing syrup I’ve ever had. The store bough stuff doesn’t even compare. Thankfully I’m a diabetic or this stuff would be gone in a month or less. Next year though be ready Mr rivers because I plan to by a *#$% ton again. That’s it can’t resist waffles for dinner here I come!!!

  14. Gerald Lester (verified owner)

    The syrup arrived yesterday! Couldn’t wait to try it. Oh my, it is so good! I’m going to share with my kids and a friend. I’m already looking forward to next years production.
    On a side note, thank you for keeping us entertained those many years! Best of luck to you and Lisa.

  15. Karin Morgan (verified owner)

    Delicious syrup – we enjoyed last year’s batch so much, I’ve doubled our order for this year!

  16. pete (verified owner)

    Just ordered my gallon for 2021. My partner has a cottage industry baking business and she uses your syrup in many of her recipes. But I also do get some on my pancakes every once in a while. We source as much as we can locally, but there are no maple trees in Hawaii. So we decided to go for the finest grade and taste we could find. Thanks Bob & Lisa, this is great syrup.

  17. Charles Zalenski (verified owner)

    Great Maple Syrup…. And now you are sold out…….

  18. Wes Mak (verified owner)

    The Syrup’s AWESOME! I haven’t had pancakes or waffles in years, but now I’m making them every weekend because of the delicious syrup. It’s pure and sweet, not too thin and not too thick either! Some other real maple syrups are extremely water thin, but this syrup is perfect. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised that I would enjoy this as much as I have been.
    Well done Bob! Spot on with your amazing syrup.
    Thank you for being our comforting friends for so many years, and for giving us even more of your time now with your podcast whilst we really need something to look forward to in this time of an uncertain future for so many.
    Cheers Bob, stay healthy & keep safe.

  19. Heidi Lee (verified owner)

    My syrup arrived 2 days after you sent it, and the box was damaged BUT thanks to your great packing skills the bottles are in perfect condition. Just opened it and did a taste test against some “organic Vermont maple syrup” from the store. Like Bill said, NOT EVEN CLOSE. There will be waffles on Sunday morning!
    You can definitely put me in for another gallon next season.
    Seattle misses you too!
    Lotsa love, Heidi Lee

  20. Ted Orwiler (verified owner)

    I received my shipment much faster than expected. I made myself some pancakes for breakfast yesterday just to try it. Delicious, as expected. Not sure I will get through a half gallon in time to order again next year, but if I am even close to running low I will reorder!

  21. RICK AND MEG (verified owner)

    really great syrup , made a fantastic ham glaze ,repackaging into mason jars for gifes to friends and family

  22. Bill Garcia (verified owner)

    WOW! So I am a Colorado boy who doesn’t have a ton of experience with homemade maple syrup but this stuff is fantastic! Here my family thought that the big box store stuff was great, huh not even close.
    Great job you guys and want to thank you for sharing.
    All the best. Bill and Family.

  23. Paul (verified owner)

    We received our gallon of your Maple syrup today. Can wait to use it and we also plan to break down a1 half gallon for family and special friends who we know love you and the gang we listened to for many years.

  24. Stu Cluff (verified owner)

    The Maple Syrup is amazing, the best I have ever tasted, use it in my coffee every morning plus take a swig for the nutritional value.

  25. Arthur Grabb

    Received my order today (4/13/2020). Great product, we used it with french toast and the fact that you mentioned zero calories made it even better.

  26. Ronald Greer (verified owner)

    great maple syrup but the styro-peanuts created quite the mess. How about waded up newspaper or some other less messy packaging.

  27. Dave Frombach (verified owner)

    Just cracked into this years new batch this morning…..Awesome as always, Bob!!!! This was our third year purchasing from you….and you can put us down for a new gallon every year!!!!!! Never miss a podcast…keep them coming!!!!!!!

  28. Bruce and Becki Hall

    I make homemade granola, and have used other “real” maple syrups. NONE comes close to the flavor of Bobs. Rich, dense, true maple. Worth the cost, won’t ever buy any other again. Thank you Bob and Lisa for your hard work.

  29. Rebecca Mellander (verified owner)

    Delicious! I enjoyed it on French toast made from brioche with a slather of butter and crisp bacon on the side. Perfect breakfast — next I am going to use it in some recipes instead of sugar. Should be great!

  30. Joel Brazy (verified owner)

    What a joy I and my friends have making waffles, muffins and even martinis with Bob Rivers maple syrup. The flavor is amazing! As much as that, I know the Rivers’ and the love they put into making it for us.

    Thank you guys! This is really special!

  31. Rebecca Mellander (verified owner)

    Bob and Lisa, your syrup is scrumptious! Enjoyed it with some brioche French toast accompanied by a couple of slices of crispy bacon. Think I’ll do it again this weekend!

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