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Vermont Maple Syrup


2019 Harvest is now available!

1 Gallon ( 2 Half-Gallon Jug Containers )

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Dear Sweet Person,

Thanks for helping support my crazy hobby by purchasing Bob and Lisa’s 100% Vermont Maple Syrup.

I’m grateful for your help and hope to keep making this old fashioned syrup every year… it’s a labor of love, and a nice break from our nutty mixed up media world.


Important Product Notes:

  1. Shipped USPS Priority in 2 separate 1/2 gallon containers. Split it with a friend, or buy several as gifts! That’s me, doing a commercial. Old habits.
  2. Your name and shipping address as deliverable by US Postal Service.
  3. Please be a little patient. I’ll confirm when shipped. Allow at least a week for packing as I only make 5 or 6 gallons a night. Yes I’m doing this all by hand because it’s fun!



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