The ‘Old White Men’ Dilemma

by | Aug 30, 2023 | 13 comments

I have missed you… it does seem I enjoy the recorded live conversation more than writing. Writing is hard, and I’m always second guessing and even 37th guessing myself.

So I’ll keep this brief and hit “send’ before I have time to think about it.

I’m a little bummed that Joe Biden is running for re-election. No octogenarian should ever run be President. It’s grandchild neglect.

At his age, he thinks AI stands for acid indigestion. ChatGPT is something you soak your dentures in overnight. Tik Tok is the sound effect used on 60 minutes.  At that age his hearing is so bad he thinks Uber was a character on the Andy Griffith Show. He’s so old, his first car was a Stage Coach.  

Tip of the hat to Johnny Carson for the inspiration to make those corny jokes.

According to Article II of the U.S. Constitution, the president must: Be a natural-born citizen of the United States. Be at least 35 years old.

I read this somewhere:

“At the time of America’s founding in 1776, the average newly-minted American citizen could expect to live to the ripe old age of 35, giving them a few months to run for the presidency before they keeled over. And while Americans’ lifespans have been steadily increasing, just over 100 years ago, in the early 1900s, life expectancy was still rather brief at 47 years.’

So, even if social security had existed… no one would ever get it.

Back to the point.

What used to be my job is a hobby, for which I’m so grateful. And I can have fun, and maybe please a nice intimate sized audience. But I know I did my best mass appeal work when I was young and plugged in to what was cool fresh and new.

My tail is still wagging like a 6 week old puppy, but cool, fresh and new are what I see in my sons today, and want to encourage.  

By the way, maybe you can see that this post isn’t really about politics at all. That was just my click bait to get your attention.  



  1. Alan Haines

    It’s great to hear from you again. I agree that he’s too old. I would propose a mandatory retirement age for congress, senate, president, and federal judges. Along with that I believe we need term limits for the positions listed above.

    Alan from Haines Alaska

  2. Ralph Koal

    Great to hear you on KIRO…you and Spike share oral kindness and caring….that is certainly missing with others….and the post is still old school…..hook em on the headline…

  3. Francine howell

    Been listening to Bob rivers songs from Jurassic times. So ancient and old . So absolute creamy and delicious. Thanks miss Howell- wolfman jacks friend

  4. Francine howell

    Bob rivers is better than white water rafting down the trinity river in Dallas texas . Better known as BIG D. -—- could that be short for doo-wacka-doo???? We want more BOB – bananas, olives, and bread. Thanks miss Howell- wolfman jacks friend.

  5. LisaP

    SO good to hear from you, Bob! I visited your website a couple of weeks ago because I thought it had been a while since an update, and when there was not update, I worried a bit. But no need, sounds like you’re doing well, which is awesome!

    Only comment on your ‘Too Old For President’ is that you commented on only one candidate. The presumptive candidate on the other side is within 5% of that same age, at age 77, so not exactly a spring chicken. But should there be a cutoff age for national office (not just President, but Senators and Representatives too)? Seems like it might be some ‘throw out the baby with the bathwater’ as there’s a bunch of accumulated wisdom that may be unused then, as well.

    Thanks again for writing; knowing that it’s not a favorable activity for you makes it all the more special when you force yourself to do it 🙂
    Lisa in Seattle

  6. Michael

    I sure miss the days of Bob, Spike,and Joe on the radio.

  7. Julie Kamla

    Your click bait worked. As I read on I thought you were going to end the podcast. Thankfully you are not, right?

    As for politics, I do vote in all elections but why bother voting in the presidential election when the answer is made by the electoral votes. Our individual vote means nothing. (Hopefully this can be one of the podcasts topics.)

  8. Pete

    I think you have missed the point on age. If live expectancy was 47 when the minimum age was set to 35 (for president) then with life expectancy being close to 100, being over 80 is about the same.

    Note: I’ve experienced ageism in the work place and it sucks.

  9. Shawn Alexander

    Thanks for the mental images, that make me smile. Live well.

  10. Antonius Paganorum Rex

    BTW, re: old age and life expectancies: Robert Reich, in his Wealth & Poverty class, says that the Social Security retirement age was initially set at 65 because the average life expectancy in the 1940s was 66. Hah!

  11. Antonius Paganorum Rex

    I MISS YOU, Bob!!!! And your wacky crew, too.

  12. Steve Hartman

    Gee, thanks, Bob! Put on a new T-Shirt! Now though, it has spit coffee all over it, and I have to find another one! Decided that from now on, I’m not going to read you until after noon time (MDT). Laughing this hard so early in the morning is unsafe!

  13. Pete

    Hi Bob.
    Your “best mass appeal work” might be behind you, but it will also far out live you. Your Twisted Christmas music made such an impact on so many people and continues to do so today. Every year radio stations across the US (and possibly other parts of the world) play those songs to brighten peoples spirits during the Holiday season. Twisted Christmas for many is as much a part of the Holiday season as is watching the movies “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation” or “It’s a wonderful life.”

    To have created something that brings humor to so many people year after year is a fine testament indeed.


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