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As I sit here writing this, I’ve been in the Sugar Shack boiling Maple Syrup for about 5 hours. Another Nor’easter is due to arrive Tuesday, possibly dumping another foot of snow in Southern Vermont.

Thanks to additional taps and mostly ideal weather, it looks like we’ll have a lot more syrup for sale than last year. So with a tip of the hat and thanks to my webmaster David Lee, we have put up a link to a store so you can purchase a gallon if you wish.

To those who’ve ordered: tomorrow I print the labels and within a few days the Vermont Gold will be on its way.

We ate pancakes this morning at the Miss Worcester Diner, in Worcester MA. And of course we brought in our own syrup. The food there is spectacular. They have one entire menu dedicated to just French Toast. Sick. Awesome.

Lisa and I were in Worcester for the Bob and Zip Saturday radio broadcast from the Worcester Home Show. For those in Seattle who don’t know... Zip and I had a successful morning show for 6 years in Worcester/Boston on WAAF. Now we are on 100.1 THE PIKE, Worcester’s Classic Hits every Saturday 12-4.

And I love doing it. Because like the Bob Spike and Joe experience, it’s honest and quirky. And they say we’re starting to have a small following. With a dash of ratings success. We might expand it a bit. Tap a few more trees, You never know...

Thanks for the help with the Syrup hobby, and as always, grateful to everyone who allowed us to carpool with you over the years.

My Vermont Maple Syrup is now available here on my Blog, at


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