Bi-Coastal. A New Beginning for Bob and Lisa

by | May 15, 2022 | 90 comments

Well it’s day five since my surgery. An Ivor Lewis esophageal resection performed by the head of thoracic surgery at Virginia Mason hospital here in Seattle.

Esophageal Cancer, stage 3c. If you google this like I did when first diagnosed, you start to think about saying goodbye. But when you dig deeper, you learn there are a number of factors to improve your odds.

Someone once told me there are one or two bad Thai Restaurants in Seattle. And 5 thousand that are excellent. It’s like that with cancer care here too. Seattle has amazing cancer care. After a great recommendation from a dear friend (Scott Strong) who is a 14 year survivor of pancreatic cancer (another one you do not want to google after a diagnosis) I did what you have to do. Get the best care you can to improve the odds that you can be there longer for your kids and grandkids. Dr Hubka is a world class thoracic surgeon who performs a high volume of this specific surgery.

So I had my operation Tuesday. At Virginia Mason. People do literally travel from all over the country, even out if the country to be here.

But there are no guarantees.

It’s a pretty intense surgery. Not for the faint of heart. Google it at your own risk. Trust me I’m not brave about this stuff, but what choice do you really have?

I expected to be laid out for months. I’ll be released from the hospital Monday.

As well as I’m doing, I’m just like so many cancer patients. There will be biopsies and a pathology study to determine best course of action. Follow up treatment with immunotherapy and/or radiation is very common with this and other aggressive cancers, because they like to spread and reoccur. So I will also need to be monitored and screened regularly.

Plus, now I need to learn how to eat entirely differently, which can take a long time. I can only eat one cup of food at a time. Those of you who’ve watched me attack a pepperoni pizza will know how much that’s going to suck.

So Lisa and I will be spending a lot of time on the West Coast again, where we will have great health care, and spend more precious time with our children and grandchildren.

We’re really going to miss making Maple Syrup. But it will be nice to have access to some great Thai restaurants.

More on this adventure in a few days. Lisa and I are grateful for all your love and support. I especially love so many of you remembered stories of when we met, or something on the radio show that changed your life.

Next week. Part 2 of “what are those crazy guys up to now?” I dare you go make a prediction.

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