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If someone had told you 15 years ago that everyone who had a phone would also have their own global multimedia production facility, and their own channel to broadcast whatever they want to say to the world, it would have seemed far fetched.

But that’s where we are.

Your phone is a high definition video camera, editor, word processor, with production tools and global distribution on free multimedia platforms. Comes with the phone. For free.

As of 2017, around 3 billion people a day were posting via social media. By now it’s much higher. When I was a kid there were 3 TV channels. Now almost half of the Earth’s population broadcasts its own daily programming to the world.

Let’s go back to 1985.

If I wanted to buy the same technology that’s in my iPhone, one device and service at a time, I could do it.

But it would have cost fortune. Try 32 million dollars.

And the smartphone is not even a teenager - it just turned 10 years old.

Remember the other day we talked about how slow evolution happens? Over 10’s of thousands of years? How man’s basic instincts and behavior are tribal?

I think that the implications of what’s happening right now are beyond our comprehension. Literally. We’re only human. The computers we use are now using us. And they are are evolving at lighting speed.

Kiosks just replaced the cashiers at McDonald’s. The Robots are coming to make the burgers and shakes. Bet on it.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like that 32 million dollar smartphone is there to seduce us, so we will always be connected. So we will love being on it more than actually being with each other.

My parents thought the same about TV. Called it the Idiot Box. Said we should go outside and get some fresh air. Throw a ball.

There’s a rule of thumb about the Internet that if it’s free, you are the product. I get Facebook and Google for free. If that’s true I’m really busy being a product these days.

21 years ago was a bookstore, competing with Barnes and Noble.

Today 45,000 robots roam its warehouses. Not kidding.

Amazon is no longer a store. It’s a logistics company. The 4th largest on the planet. It’s target is Everyone.

If Amazon were a person, it would be barely old enough to order a beer.

As humanity becomes one giant Social Network, industry leans on technology to hold our attention, making and selling us everything at ever greater levels of efficiency.

Which sounds not so bad. Why worry?

Because although we think we are the consumer, we are actually the product. More to come....

Bob Rivers

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On Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 7:39 PM William Hollett wrote:

A very clever analogy. I think what you sent me is on point. Most people do not think that deeply

Thank you Bill.

Too much crap being consumed these days. I’m very optimistic we can make a difference by seeing what we have in common.



Hi Bob,
Thank you for being you, and sharing your voice again. I'm doing a happy dance! And I'm sure you could hear my comforted sigh all the way across the country as I read your emails. You make me a better, more thoughtful human and I have missed hearing what you have to say about stuff. I hope you will include a podcast in your return because that is my primary way to consume media these days. You are one of the best interviewers I've ever listened to, and I strive to be more like you in my interview style. Hopefully you will do some interviews, too.

Enough gushing! Thanks so much for sharing again. And here's to much more in the future.

Faithful radio fan,
Susy the Groomer
Mobile Service with Style
Snohomish, WA


On Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 5:28 PM Doreen Leigh wrote:

Really enjoying your blog, Bob!


I have always been a fan of you and your work. It has been a pleasant surprise to receive email from you. I recently went on a mission to unsubscribe from all the crap outfits I was getting emails from, from rental car companies to hotels, etc. I was deleting 15-25 emails PER DAY !!!!! I am sure you know what I mean. So, thank you for sending me an email that I enjoy receiving ?

Bill Hollett, in Fort McMurray, Alberta.


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