Lisa and I just binge watched a new Netflix show called “Dead to Me”.

I won’t reveal any spoilers, but I can say that it’s unlike any other dark drama or comedy ever made. The creator calls it a “Traumedy”. Shocking plot twists and turns and over the top performances by Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini make it hard to watch only one episode at a time.

We visited with some friends tonight, and some of the first words spoken were: We just binge-watched a new show: “Dead to Me”. They had watched the final six episodes in one sitting.

This show is extremely buzz worthy. But what makes it so?

Part of the reason may be that 8 out of the 10 writers on the show are women. Aside from the story, which has many twists and turns, I came away feeling a greater awareness of a woman’s point of view on very difficult subjects. Again, no spoilers, you’ll have to trust me. I will say this… Christina Applegate’s character Jen has had a double mastectomy- and so has Christina, in real life. The way it is treated is both ironic and heartbreaking.

The point is, great fiction is loaded with honesty in a way that interviews, news, or even non fiction isn’t. Non fiction is full of boundaries. It’s often PR, pushing an agenda, trying to sell you something.

A great story is just that. An emotional ride, and if it’s a masterpiece- loaded with empathy and information.

Here are a few more shows you can learn from…

Ozark will teach you about money laundering.

The People vs OJ Simpson will remind you that manipulating public opinion by creating dramatic stunts and storylines to distract from the facts is not a new thing. Johnny Cochran was doing it long before Twitter.

If you binge watch Narcos it will dawn on you that our government is complicit in the drug trade. That we pretend to crack down from time to time, but the more things change, the more they don’t. That OxyContin was profitable.

On a happier note… Every episode of Parenthood reminded me that family love and support is the most important source of joy in life.

What’s your experience?


Bob Rivers

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