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If you want to know how the world works, don’t watch the news.

Any of it.

You see in a few decades we’ve gone from print, audio and video news media staffed locally, regionally, nationally, and even globally to just a handful of conglomerates. And most everything you read follows whatever narratives will sell eyeballs. And they don’t care whether stories are accurate any more than a fisherman cares whether he uses live bait or a plastic lure.

Remember when your local paper was in a big building with a full parking lot of people who’s mission was reporting? Even in a small town?

Most of us pay zero for news. And you get what you pay for.

There’s a reason Fake News is an effective slogan.

I’ve sat out of the commentary game for awhile (I have that luxury, being retired). Something didn’t quite feel right, and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Until now.

Todays news is not real. It’s a reality show. I know, duh. But have you thought about the effect this is having on human civilization?

All news and information outlets exist to attract audiences, which is easier if you make it entertaining. But big tech has gutted news media of most of its Human Resources, given everyone with a pulse a global megaphone, and turned creative control of this mess over to computer algorithms who create herds of eyeballs. Worse yet, these herds are most efficiently exploited for profit by creating drama, and conflict.

Mark Zuckerberg has his tail between his legs, because he believed social media would be good for society. It’s not. He knows it. How does he know? He asked me. Billions in fines might also be a clue.

I quit posting on Facebook last October. Didn’t even log in for 3 months and deactivated my account. When I went back, up popped a questionnaire. It basically asked me if I thought Facebook was good for the world.


I answered honestly. Since then, there are mostly happy positive posts on my newsfeed.

That computer is trying to lure me back in.

But that’s not the punchline.

You see, I wrote this column on May 8th. Yesterday, May 9th, two huge stories, and two tiny ironic ones broke about the social media giant:

FACEBOOK CoFounder says it’s a dangerous monopoly and should be broken up.

FACEBOOK automatically generates content for the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.


Now for the cute ones:

FACEBOOK is coming to Tacoma Friday and bringing free cupcakes.

FACEBOOK birthday stories are rolling out globally


Tomorrow, part two. If you want to see what’s real, you have to admit how little you really know.

Bob Rivers


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